Add Timely tickets to an event

You can use our own Ticketing functionality if you have a valid subscription of the “Timely Ticketing” add-on. Please follow the instructions from the page to purchase one.

Payment information

When trying to use Timely Ticketing for the first time you will be prompted to enter your payment settings (where should you receive the money from sales).

For now we only support PayPal. Here are some important requirements about your PayPal info:

  • Enter your the exact First and Last name as found in your PayPal account
  • Add a bank account to your PayPal account.

Adding and updating ticket type info

For an event you can define multiple ticket types (i.e. Seniors, General, Teens, etc). For each ticket type you can enter the following details:

  • Title and Description
    The basic identifiers for your ticket type.
  • Price
    The price is defined in the currency defined in your PayPal settings, where you can also change it. Any currency or price value changes will be applied to all next sales.  
  • Limits
    You can define a minimum and a maximum of tickets that a user can purchase in a single transactions.
  • Quantity
    This is the total amount of tickets. or capacity, for this ticket type that you want to make available to your users. If you want to limit the total number of tickets to be sold per event, you can enter a limit for each ticket type, and the limit of the total tickets will become the sum of those limits, for all ticket types. If you update this field, please make sure you're not updating it to a value lower than the number of tickets sold by that point.  if you do you will see the "Over capacity" conflict on "Manage" page > Dates summary section (see more info lower on this page).
  • Availability
    You can choose when you want the tickets to become available for purchase (given the status is “Open for sale”) and when the sale should stop.
  • Status
    Set-up or change the status for that specific ticket type.
    • Open for sale
      The ticket info are displayed on the event views and users can purchase tickets.
    • Sale ended
      The ticket info are displayed on the event views but users can’t purchase tickets anymore, seeing a message that sale has ended.
    • Cancelled
      The ticket info are not displayed on the event view, and there is no longer a URL to the ticketing checkout for that ticket type.
      If you change the status of an event that has been at a point in "Open for sale" to "Cancelled" please make sure to inform anyone that has purchase tickets to that event and manually manage refunds. You will see the "Occurrence deleted" conflict on "Manage" page > Dates summary section (see more info lower on this page).
  • Tax & invoice options
    • Please enter the tax information applicable to your sale. Note that taxes vary based on the nature of your event, the nature of your tax status, your location, the location of your attendees and other factors. These general tax options may or may not work for your specific tax situation. You should consult with your own tax advisor about your obligations with respect to how much tax you need to collect, remit and report for your event.
    • These tax options will be included in the invoices.
  • Read and accept the terms of service.

Purchasing a Timely ticket
Please read here how a calendar viewer can purchase a Timely ticket for your event.
The ticket buyer will have up to 30 minutes to complete the transaction. If unsuccessful, order and tickets will be marked as expired and it will not be considered a valid transactions, so the limit of your available tickets will not be changed.

Tickets and sales summary

Once you have added Timely tickets for an event you will be able to see the “Manage” quick action on that event in the events list. It contains the following Timely ticketing sections:

  • Dates summary
    This section displays all the dates for this event (there are multiple dates if it's recurrent) for which tickets were sold and under the column "Status" the potential conflicts for each date. Possible conflicts:
    • Occurrence deleted
      The occurrence has been deleted by updating the recurrence of the event.
    • Past event
      The date and time of an event was updated to one in the past. Ticket buyers might have an old date on their ticket.
    • Over capacity
    The event capacity was updated to a lower value than the number of tickets sold, so there might be most sold tickets that the capacity of the event.
    For each of the event dates selected under "Dates summary" the following information is provided:
  • Tickets summary
    A summary of the most important information for each ticket type and current status.
  • Ticket sales
    The sales transactions and the info for each transaction.
  • Attendees
    The names of the attendees and their basic purchase info.

Click on “Add new Ticket Type” if you want to add other ticket types. You will need to fill in the same information from above for each of them.

PayPal FAQ

  • Q: Do the PayPal funds from ticket sales go straight to our account or are they held by
    A: The funds go from the ticket buyer straight to your PayPal account.
  • Q: Why is the buyer directed to Timely checkout page to handle the ticketing rather than straight to PayPal?
    A: Because we need the ticket holders information and billing address to reserve the tickets and also created the invoice. After the buyer fills in all the information on Timely checkout page and clicks “Buy Tickets” this happens:
    We reserve the tickets and create a order that stays in a “pending” status.
    We redirect to PayPal checkout, so, the buyer can complete the order providing his paypal information.
    If PayPal response to us that the Buyer’s payment was done with success, we move the order to a “completed” status, create an invoice and send it with the “Electronic Tickets” to the Buyer’s email.
    If for any reason the buyer doesn’t complete the order on PayPal checkout page, the ticket reservation will be expired after 30 minutes and the quantity reserved will be available again for other possible buyers.
  • Q: Does handle payments and card details?
    A: We don’t handle the card details. The only information we use to process the payment is the email, that we use to request the communicate with PayPal. There is no way to get the credit card details. Their are protected by PayPal. Some more info:
    The Merchant is the calendar owner, using the information provided into the payments settings from the Dashboard.
    The Buyer is the one that buying the event ticket.
    The Gateway is the Timely Network. We have an authorized account into PayPal that allow us to request payment on behalf of merchants.
  • Q: Are you storing the form information on the WordPress installation server or does it stay with PayPal?
    A: The information related to tickets is not stored on the Wordpress installation but on dedicated Timely servers. We store orders, invoices, the tickets that the buyer bought, settings, payment informations and others event related informations. We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our applications and databases.
    We don’t have access and implicitly don’t store credit card information either PayPal passwords. We just use the PayPal email to request the payment to PayPal.
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